Roya J. Hassad, MD

Doctor Roya is the Medical Director and Founder of the Hope, Life and Dream Centers, the most prominent Anti-Aging medical centers in New York. She is an award-winning physician, educator, speaker, evangelist and philanthropist.

Doctor Roya’s passion for the science of health, beauty and wellness began at a very young age. She has committed her life to becoming a highly-experienced and trusted professional who transforms the lives of others.  She is passionate about Anti-Aging and regenerative medicine.

Doctor Roya is affiliated with top-notch New York medical institutes, such as Mount Sinai/Beth Israel Medical Centers and St Francis Hospital. Based on years of experience, she has been recognized as one of the top Anti-Aging physicians in the U.S., while having the highest standards of patient care.

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We all have inside of us an amazing beauty and capacity to achieve great things. From a strong heart to a limitless mind, from a passionate soul to a fearless spirit. When a patient comes to our office, whether for a prp facial, botox, juvederm for lips, or anti aging treatment of any kind, Dr. Roya first gets to know the person.

She’ll take the time to understand the pain and/or frustration that brought the person to her office. Dr. Roya has the uncommon ability to look deep into a persons heart and truly get to what is bothering them. It could be some wrinkles, arthritis, high blood pressure, or they just want to know how much is botox or one of over one-hundred conditions she treats. Whatever it is, Dr. Roya designs a personalized care plan that ensures the patient will not only succeed and get well, but will be heading in a new direction for their entire life.

Dr. Roya is much more than a doctor. She is a doctor that will go far beyond for you, so that you can go far beyond in your life.

“Dr. Roya Hassad is the absolute best. I’ve been going to her for Botox for years. So professional and kind throughout the whole process.”

– Karla M.

“She is a terrific anti-aging doctor with extensive knowledge and skills to treat hair loss.” 

-Sharona, Manhattan NY

“She is a very talented and experienced anti-aging doctor, she helped me lose 15 lbs after menopause, found and treat my hair loss after menopause and gave me a very natural younger look by applying some fillers and Botox, she is amazing!”

– Joy, New York NY

DR.ROYA IS AN ARTIST- to say the least- she made me look 10 years younger after this visit- A few months later I opted to do her anti-aging process called PRP- AND THE RESULTS ARE STUNNING.  SHE IS THE BEST.”

Levi M.

“Best doctor in NYC area. I live all the way in east Long Island and I still make the hour or more drive to see her in either the city or her great neck location. If you’re looking for a very knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate anti-aging doctor look no further. Dr Roya has been absolutely amazing for me and my family.”

-Stephanie T.

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